Individual Therapy 
This is an opportunity for you to take the time to explore your problems in a safe and secure setting. In the therapeutic environment we work together on getting you back on your life path of well-being and healthier relationships. You determine your goals and I support your progress in a variety of ways. Together we look at your present concerns within the context of your life history. Sometimes patterns of self-defeating responses result in losing touch with your strengths and potential sources of support. When our own inner vision and sense of personal direction becomes clouded by stress and confusion, therapy can help find a way forward. 
Family Therapy 
Family life is so much more satisfying when everyone feels close to each other and works together as a team. However, no family is perfect and sometimes team work ebbs and flows. When families face significant stress, the team approach is often one of the first things that falls apart. Families are faced with stress from many different angles. It may be a teenager's rocky development or more complicated family struggles such as mental illness, addictions or loss. Together we find a plan that fits your family and each family member's unique needs are acknowledged and respected. The ultimate goal is to discover positive strategies to function well together. Then the family will be equipped to face any future stressors with a stronger foundation. 
Group Therapy 
Generally, human beings are hard wired to be social creatures. Group therapy offers the individual a chance to connect with others in a safe environment. Sharing support, learning helpful strategies from others provides fresh perspective. Those who may be reluctant to try group work are very often extremely happy that they did. The healing power of a well-run group is stronger than the sum of the individual participants. Group can be most helpful for depression, relationship issues and stress. Additionally, group therapy is the most affordable option.  
I have served as consultant and/or clinical supervisor to individual and agencies since 1984. Supervision is tailored to the professional and developmental needs of the therapist. If interested, please contact me.